Euro Asia Tea brings you garden-fresh pick with classical blends and infusions engulfed in tradition and authenticity. Our tea undergoes an elaborate journey from the nursery to the cup, taking pride in its impeccable flavour, aroma and consistency that inspires lovers of tea around the world. 

For those everyday moments of blissful solitude or simply for the occasions of unforgettable celebrations, every cup of tea will be a magical journey that would evoke all the senses and inspire imagination.

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Premier tea sensation in every cup!

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World renowned high quality

Single-origin Tea

Born and raised in Tea gardens, our team’s love affair with tea is exceptional as our brew. We bring the single-origin premium tea to the world.

Our premium tea collection is

Packed at Source

Our classical tea blends and unblended tea comes from the finest tea gardens in Sri Lanka and processed at our world-class facility. 

We export the world’s best

Garden-fresh Tea

Located on the world’s tea hub, Euro Asia Tea guarantees the ultimate freshness of tea while offering a wide range of world-class classical teas and infusions.

Finest Ceylon tea of

Exemplary Quality

We export Premium Ceylon tea of exemplary quality and freshness, we are ready to create exclusive blends together with exquisite packaging to suit your requirements.

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We are a passionate team of Tea masters/ Expert Tea Tasters, Farmers, Economists, Agricultural Experts and Financial Experts. Euro Asia Tea comes to life with its utter devotion to its art, creating vibrant and aromatic blends together with strategic business tactics for a delicious treat that is worth savouring for a lifetime.

Euro Asia Tea


Our Premium tea collections are winning the hearts of tea lovers around the world. We are known to bring the freshest Ceylon Tea to the world offering a wide range of world-class products.

Bulk Tea Packages


Euro Asia Tea is a brand known for sourcing and perfecting garden-fresh Ceylon Tea of exemplary quality. We are the robust new tea exporter that can release in bulk to distributors around the world.

Private Label Tea


We pack and export your label with your exclusive tea blends in a variety of packaging options, such as tins, paper canisters, boxes, and we even offer special options to suit your requirement.

Organic Ceylon Tea


Grown using natural processes and packed to suit your need Organic Tea’s purity of flavour and composition provides the tea drinkers with a great deal of health benefits.

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