Variety of tea is mostly expressed by the flavour, texture and strength. There's a subtle difference in the tea plucked from difference regions and these variations that awakens our senses comes from one plant that we know as Camellia Sinensis.

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Our teas has its own unique features depnding on the harvesting and processing techniques we use and it correlates with appearance and flavor of tea. These practices have come down generations for centuries. All type of tea comes from the same plant we know as “Camellia Sinensis” which originated in southern China thousands of years ago, and has been cultivated and consumed by millions even today.

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Tea infusions have a flavour to suit every palette with a huge variety of delicious blends which can be savoured hot or cold. Tea is infused with other flavours from sweet, fruity to spicy and often dried, but sometimes fresh like mint.

Fineness and Selection

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From one part of the world to the other, millions around the world start their morning with a fresh cuppa. Our F & S Collection brings you a range of teas to carry you through the ultimate realm in a sophisticated culture of pleasure. The superior collection of teas that come under the F&S range is a nearly limitless. An array of traditional unflavored teas as well as its flavoured counterparts. The F & S range brings you an authentic array of pure Black Tea. Therefore our quest to uncover the natural charm of Tea in its original form has become our hallmark. Our pledge to you is that the finesse in the blends of our teas will never waver and our agents are ready to bring your desired tea at your command.



Euro Asia Tea is the rising star in the tea market with 4 brands of excellence. We guarantee the ultimate freshness of tea, with the experience of our master tea tasters and blenders which is also backed by certifications to offer you the best quality tea as per requirement. May it be custom blended or virgin tea we’d love to hear from passionate distributors around the world.