A cup of tea brewed with the right blend is warmly embraced by every tea lover. Together with the experience of the country’s best tea tasters and blenders, Euro Asia Tea brings you garden-fresh pick with exotic blends with care, pride & passion.

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Euro Asia Tea


Our Premium tea collections are winning the hearts of tea lovers around the world. We are known to bring the freshest Ceylon Tea to the world offering a wide range of world-class products.

Bulk Tea Packages


Euro Asia Tea is a renowned brand for sourcing and perfecting garden-fresh Ceylon Tea. We are the robust new tea exporter that can release in bulk to distributors around the world.

Private Label Tea


We pack and export your label with your exclusive tea blends in a variety of packaging options, such as tins, paper canisters, boxes, and we even offer special options to suit your requirement.

Organic Ceylon Tea


Grown using natural processes and packed to suit your need Organic Tea’s purity of flavour and composition provides the tea drinkers with a great deal of health benefits.

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Gaining a name among the giants in a nearly two-decade quiet revolution AgStar PLC has won the hearts of Sri Lankan farmers, home gardeners and plantation owners by inspiring growth and providing the tools for a bountiful harvest. AgStar is the robust new player offering fresh impetus to the growth of Sri Lanka’s agriculture industry. 

As a dynamic force in the agriculture sector, AgStar backs Euro Asia Tea, the rising star in the Ceylon tea industry under the tutelage of the visionaries who are responsible for AgStar’s phenomenal growth. 

Hot Ceylon Tea Cup

The Lion of Ceylon logo is a global trademark and a guarantee for 100% Pure Ceylon Tea packed and exported from Sri Lanka. Here you’d find answers to questions about Ceylon Tea.

From tea smallholders to large plantations we are taking the lead in reaching out to tea growers small and big, in an ambitious drive to help the environment and society.

Our exotic tea blends come from the freshest tea we source and process in our world-class facility. Checkout our map to find out which tea is best suited for you.

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Ceylon tea has won the world for its high quality, aroma, and taste! As a rising star in exporting Premium Ceylon tea of exemplary quality and freshness, we are ready to create exclusive blends for Tea Bags, Packets or Bulk Teas to suit your requirements.



Located on the world’s tea hub, Euro Asia Tea assures the ultimate freshness of tea, with the experience of our master tea tasters and blenders which is also backed by certifications to offer you the best quality tea as per requirement. May it be custom blended or virgin tea we’d love to hear from passionate distributors around the world.


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In a centuries-old industry, we are captivating the hearts of consumers around the world with exotic blends of the most coveted honey-hued Pure Ceylon Tea. Euro Asia Tea is the robust new member to the Premium Tea Exporting industry in Sri Lanka that comes bearing the famous “Lion of Ceylon” which guarantees superior quality tea which is packed in Sri Lanka before export.

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At Euro Asia we ensure we meet global certifications and standards in perfecting our teas prior exporting from Sri Lanka, India, China, Kenya, Malawi and to the rest of the world.

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We specialize in sourcing, packaging and exporting Sri Lanka’s finest tea products directly to B2B or B2C clientele in Europe, USA, China, Middle East and Oceania. We believe in superior quality and reliable service. Our exotic tea blends are made of the very best Pure Ceylon Teas, for the refined taste-buds across the world, backed by a comprehensive range of value additions from manufacturing to packaging and branding of tea.

You can get Ceylon Tea, loose, Normal String & Tag Tea Bag and Pyramid Tea Bag. Apart from the practical side to these strings and tags the Pyramid Tea Bags makes it possible to pack larger, good quality tea leaves.

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